Death vs Monstars 2

The sequel to the battle between Death and Monstars is here! Play as Death and make sure that you eliminate all Monstars before they corner you. Use your MOUSE to move around and avoid collision with your enemies at all cost. Be careful as your enemies will try to come and get you wherever you run! They either want a hug or they are attracted to your handsome skull. Do not worry as you will automatically fire your bullets to keep them at bay. Hold LEFT MOUSE CLICK to strafe and maintain your direction of fire, making your shots more precise and accurate. Collect gold and diamonds to upgrade your guns, shield, and health! Do not forget to buy skills and change your appearance once in a while. Each costume will have different perks to help you survive this ambush-survival game. So, be quick, kill these Monstars and show them once again why they call you DEATH! Game on!

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