Destructo Dog

Played Destructo Dog 2? Well its time to go back to its roots! Your an alien dog that came from mars and your here to make sure punk is dead, or will be by your hands. You begin your fight against the humans at downtown, your in a robotic machine like thing that strolls around using the WASD KEYS and can aim and shoot with your LEFT MOUSE CLICK, Hold the W KEY to fly for a short time, it'll run out fast but dont worry, it regenerates! Most of the punks you will encounter at first are slow, weak and fire even slower! One hit those guys with a single shot of your gun! Also watch out for your ammo, you're actually limited it isnt infinite! Take care of your health bar, it might seem like you've got enough though you'll lose health quicker than expected! Pick up money, ammo and health when you find them, and shoot objects like cars and such to get more items out of it! Reach the end of the level to pass it and spend the money you collect to upgrade your alien dog robot thing!

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