Evolvo Plus

It is time to eat your way to the top of the food chain! Play as Evolvo the fish in this exciting arcade evolution game where you will get to eat every type of fish in the ocean as long as it is not bigger that you are. Start as a small fry and eat the smallest fishes you can find. As you progress, you will be able to evolve Evolvo and devour bigger fish and acquire skills or immunity to some of the poisonous or electrifying species of the sea. Be careful of fishermen, red tides and oil spills in order to survive much longer. In the end, you will meet your mortal enemy - the species on top of the food chain - the humans! Beat their latest technology like submarines and torpedoes and prove to them that you are the only ruler of the sea. Once you are done with them, do not stop just yet. Try to collect all 100 type of fishes that you can devour. Good luck!

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