Feed Us 4

Pyrozen has brought back our favorite killer piranha! Indulge in juicy human blood as you consume your prey to death! Wipe them clean till there's nothing left except their bones! Control your fish with your mouse and attack a human by LEFT CLICKING on them and your hungry fishy will do its work! Don't let the humans escape the water! DRAG THEM BACK DOWN! MAKE JAWS JEALOUS! Jack and jessica sitting on a boat? K.I.L.L.I.N.G TIME! Whack your fish onto boats, platforms, what ever it might be to knock the humans down into the water! With every level you come up against you will be given a certain objective, if its collecting enough blood or killing enough humans all within a time limit so watch out! Spend the blood you gather to upgrade your fish, ITS ADDICTING!

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