Fluffy Steel

You play as a rouge squirrel who's hungry for a lot of zombie flesh! Holding two knifes he'll slice the zombies faster than you can say "Fluffy Steel"! You'll go against countless levels facing many zombies who're bored out of their minds just waiting for something to happen, so MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN! KILL THEM! You'll jump around wooden planks scattered all over the level and once you jump in one direction there's no stopping you, gravity's jealous, until you hit the upcoming plank, if not then you will die, there are also a few floating spikes here and there so avoid them, they don't like you at all, in fact you WILL die if you befriend them. Use the ARROW KEYS to shoot your squirrel in a direction, remember! once you fly in a direction you'll need to wait for him to reach the other plank before you choose another, you must think, now go and be rouge!

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