Fridge Rampage 2

Your objective in this fun dodging and shooting game is to dodge falling fridges, shoot at moving fridges to gain extra points. Dodge fridges by looking for the orange warning sign. That sign indicates where a fridge is going to fall. The sign flashes 3 times. Use "A" and "D" KEYS to move left and right. Press "W" KEY to jump. Use 1,2,3,4 (Not on numpad) NUMBER KEYS to change weapons. If a fridge hits the ground, it will start moving. Kill it by aiming with YOUR MOUSE and LEFT-CLICKING to shoot. There are 4 different guns you can get in the game. You start off with one and get new ones when your score reaches certain points. Read the full instructions in the game for more details. The instructions are highly recommended to be read at least once. Have fun!

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