How To Rise a Dragon

Your goal in this fun online game is to raise a newly hatched dragon. It's appearance and abilities and how it treats the humans around it all depend on your actions. When a dragon emerges from the egg there's many different paths towards adulthood. The game can be finished in under five minutes, but then you'll be missing out on a lot. Explore, have fun and see if you can manage to breath some fire, or maybe something else? Use the ARROW KEYS to move right and left. Use DOWN ARROW KEY + "Z" KEY to jump down through a supporting platform. Use "Z" KEY to jump (Press again in the air to double-jump, once you're old enough. Press repeatedly to fly and hold down to glide when your wings are fully-grown. Also skips and closes journal screens). Use "X" KEY to bite (eat things to gain abilities). Use "C" KEY to breathe (when you're old enough, you may gain special breath abilities). Have fun!

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