Humbug 2

66 % - 198 Votes

This puzzle plaformer game requires some brains, If you think your good at thinking outside the box then prove it through each level in this game! Break physics and defy logic according to your personal preference! You play as Ziggy Fraud who has escaped prison and your on your way to stealing another jewel. You will encounter odd situations which are impossible to solve at first though if you stop and think for a second, you might just find the answer! and man does it feel good to solve such hard levels! Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD to walk around and jump, SPACE BAR to use or pick up things, 1 or 2 to increase or decrease your strength, R to restart, and P to pause, trust me you'll need it;) If its getting too frustrating you can skip and level, though use it wisely, you can only skip twice!

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