Jedi vs Jedi

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Your aim in this Fighting Star Wars game is to defeat your opponent with your light saber. Start with choosing your Jedi (Obi-Wand Kenobi or Anakin Skywalker). Use the "A" KEY for a spin move. These moves are very powerful, but take longer and leave you more vulnerable to attack. Use "D" KEY for a standard attack. These moves are quick, but less powerful. Use the UP or DOWN ARROW KEYS to choose a high or low attack. Pressing the SPACEBAR will unleash the force - but only if you have enough energy. To defend just use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to automatically block your opponents attacks. Moves drain your energy, the bigger the move, the more energy used. Time will restore your energy. There are 5 levels, each lasting 30 seconds. Lets fight!

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