Nano Kingdom 2

Nano Kingdom is under attack and its beloved king has been kidnapped! Command your army on your quest to save your king in this tug-of war strategy game. Build your own stronghold, train soldiers, use super powers and destroy the enemy's base before they destroy your own base. Set up farms, mines and lumber mills to supply your resources and support your army. Start from weak peasants to defend your base and upgrade your training barracks eventually to arm them with swords, maces, and shields. Need a long range fighter? Then build archery training grounds and a magician guild to summon these strong fighters in the battlefield. If you are being overrun, do not forget to use your special skills to attack your foes with such fury! Travel all over the map and meet new allies that will follow you and assist you in saving the king. Go on, hero. Prove to them that small is still incredible! Game on!

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