Only Seven Days

You, being the awesome tank you are, is being assigned to stop a whole organization planning to spread a lethal virus. Control a single tank to stop and destroy a whole army of tanks, bombers, and gunner jeeps in this fast-paced action shooting game. No matter how crucial and dangerous your mission is, they will only send one tank because you are too awesome or there is an ongoing budget crunch in the military. Anyway, use your MOUSE to move your tank and avoid all enemy fires as much as possible. Your tank will fire automatically to any enemies who got close to you. Each enemy that you kill will drop coins so kill many enemies as much as you can. Collect these coins and upgrade your tank to make your quest a lot easier. Be wary, you only have 7 days to complete your mission! Be quick - you are the only hope in stopping the evil plan of this mad organization. Good Luck!

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