Orbox C

50 % - 78 Votes

Everybody loves games that take place in space! So heres one where you control a box named Orbox, you are on an important mission to find out where the lost light is! Your box can be shot around using the ARROW KEYS to move fast in one direction! Youll need platforms to stop your movement or else you are going to lose yourself in deep space and NEVER RETURN! Jk, youll spawn back. Your aim is to reach the portals to end the level and move onto the next, the cool thing is that the objective changes every now and then. Sometimes you gotta collect all the lost orbs to pass the level, and sometimes you gotta have all timed bombs explode to pass the level, dont worry they dont kill, so whatever it may be that you will go up against, be ready for it! Press R to restart if you get stuck somewhere, good luck!

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