Panda Fruit Bounce

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Your goal in this sweet online game is to help the little panda to grab the different fruits and power-ups hanging above by jumping on a trampoline. To start a game, LEFT CLCIK on the text at the top of the menu. Wait at least one minute to let the game fully load otherwise it will not work properly. You have to collect the required number of fruits in every level to proceed further. There are various kinds of fruits hanging above so you will be informed about the type and quantity of fruits to pick at the beginning of a level. The number of fruits you need to collect are also shown at the top left corner of the game screen. Avoid falling on the ground or you will lose a life. LEFT CLICK on the panda to start the level and then Left Click again to throw him upwards. Move the squirrels holding the trampoline using YOUR MOUSE. Have fun!

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