Quantum Patrol

This game takes place in the future where mankind is still recovering from a catastrophic war, you control a robot thats out to do what humans can't do! Your main objective is to dismantle MASSIVE CORP who are an illegal enterprise that create weaponry manufacturing facilities and have stolen your files. Play through 8 missions fighting off other robots, aim with your MOUSE and fire with your LEFT MOUSE CLICK! Move with the WASD KEYS and boost by holding your W KEY! Shoot boxes and destroy enemies to get points and gold bars that you can collect so you could upgrade your bot after each mission! Need to hack the main frame? Hold down the S KEY, the S KEY can also be used as a temporary shield! need to drag a box onto a platform? Press the SHIFT KEY to shoot a grappling hook, and press the E KEY to use doors. Get out there and save the world!

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