Quest for Power 2

Your mission in this online game is to help Arthur to create an army to conquor the evil warlords and save his kingdom. There are 5 rulers to defeat. Each ruler has different defences and attack strategies so learn which is the best course to win the day. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to rotate the Cannon upwards or downwards, then use SPACEBAR to fire. Each cannon boulder shot uses 2 pieces of gold, each cannonball shot uses 4 pieces of gold. You can upgrade your cannon to fire deadly cannon balls with a spell. You have 6 trusty soldiers to call upon. Each with their own unique qualities. Once you have the required gold you can hire them by clicking on their icon, apart from the archer and wizard which is bought by being dragged onto the game area. You can build walls, and towers. Be mindful that you can only build on your own territory. Scroll the screen using YOUR MOUSE. Good luck!

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