Rail Bot

64 % - 579 Votes

Play as a rail bot that jumps over pitfalls, hangs on rails, and doge or jump onto enemy bots! Face the end of the level to unlock a new character who might jump higher or do other things! Collect coins through each level to eventually unlock perks and power ups you can collect through the game when you pick it up such as a shield to protect you for a short time or grow 3 times your size and much more! After each level if you collect spin coins you'll get to spin a wheel at the end of each game that could amplify the amount of coins you have, add a few, revive you, give you another spin or not even give you anything at all. You can even customize your character looks, hats, or body. The only thing you gotta do is press the UP ARROW KEY to jump and press it again to double jump.

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