The human race is in trouble – again. And the great minds in charge of saving us will only send a malfunctioning robot to do the job. Trust them, they are engineers. Your role: you will control this malfunctioning robot to painfully reach the end of each level. Seems pretty easy? Think again. Like I said, the robot is not working properly and will sometimes stop working. Imagine if you jump a cliff and your bot malfunctioned in the middle of the jump or if an enemy is in front of you and your gun suddenly stopped working, you are so screwed. You can collect energy points on each level to fix these bugs and make your bot completely functional. Use your ARROW keys or WASD keys to move and M-KEY to shoot. Do not trust the robot too much to do its job properly but still, trust the engineers who sent him. This game will really test your luck and timing skills. Good luck!

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