Risky Rider 6

That risky rider is back for the 6th time! This time he's really gotta pimp out his bike and manage pulling off big stunts! Gain points over doing wheelies, stoppies, front and back flips and more! Every level gives you a minimum amount of points you gotta reach or you wont pass the level so make the best of each jump! Upgrade your ride after every level to increase your speed, weight or suspension to pull off bigger stunts! Jump over ramps, cars and into flaming holes to achieve more points! You've also got to choose 1 of 3 different bike tints, doesn't make a difference to your bike, but it makes it look pretty;) Use the UP KEY to accelerate and the DOWN KEY to stop, then use your RIGHT and LEFT KEYS to balance out your ride in midair or pull off stoppies or wheelies!

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