RudyJelly Adventure

RuddyJelly hates this world now so join him in an adventure to find a new one! Play as a jumping jelly and find out how high you can go in this unique arcade game. Jump from platform to platform and try to reach a different peak of adventure. Collect coins to upgrade your jump strength and go even higher than before. Be careful and wary as your energy is only limited. You know, jellies are not supposed to jump that high but with enough upgrades you can improve the jelly jump. On the way, you can land on different boosts like springs, rockets and many more! Not all of them are helpful though, so avoid spikes as much as possible. Use your MOUSE to control his movements. Use the LEFT MOUSE CLICK to make RudyJelly jump and DOUBLE CLICK to do a double jump while in midair. Good luck and may your jelly reach greater heights!

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