SAS Zombie Assault TD

SAS Zombie Assault is back with vengeance. Your objective has shifted, deploy SAS militants and turrets strategically throughout each compound. Play in a multitude of different compounds and arena's as your defend against an onslaught of vicious and blood thirsty zombies. Think your tough? Test your skills in nightmare or apocalypse mode and pass each map to earn achievements and upgrade points. Buy advanced military weapons such as airstrikes and nukes to maximize your defense strategy. If this didn't convince you to play SAS zombie assault tower defense...I'm not sure what will. In essence, tons of zombies...hundreds of upgrades, and an infinite number of strategies. How strategic are you? My guess is not very if you read this entire description. To play SAS zombie TD use your mouse to control most aspects of the game. Place turrets and upgrade your buildings and army. Good luck defending against the worlds most difficult zombie infestation! Have fun, don't die.

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