Shameless Clone 2

Got a meme fever? Thats good, cuz this game is filled with pixelated meme madness! Bring up your space ship in this vertical shooter game and destroy enemies such as nyan cat, troll face, and more! Gather coins after each and every kill to spend it at the end of each level and upgrade your ship! You must complete each stage in order for you to upgrade your ship! Choose different worlds to battle in such as Nyan world, 8 Bit World, Invaders World, Anime World and Troll World! Each world has different stages in them, so finish those up and defeat the boss before you can move onto the next one! Unlock characters by completing stages and soon maybe one day you will be able to claim Nock Charris! Control you ship using your MOUSE to move around and LEFT MOUSE CLICK to shoot! You have limited lives and a rage meter to fill up in which you can use eventual which will release powerful blows! Gain power ups through out the levels if its upgrading your weapon, giving your a shield, a life and others! Try completing this game, its gonna take time!

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