Skull Face

Your heart has been ripped off by a void of some sort! and it took your face as well! Try to get them back in this level based platform game! Dodge spikes, falls and bullets by pressing the SPACE KEY to jump! Also move around with your ARROW KEYS! Need to duck when bullets are coming right at you? hit the DOWN ARROW KEY when moving to roll under danger! Play many levels completing difficult tasks that need some precise timing when jumping, falling, or rolling! Platform too high for you? Look for walls to jump onto and hit the SPACE KEY again to double jump off a wall! After completing a bunch of levels you'll acquire a boost, pick them up and hit the UP KEY to use the boost, it'll temporarily let you fly up! The boost finishes up fast so use it wisely! Your aim is to get to the void to end a level! Think you can beat the time, get a personal best and high score?

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