Space Vs Monsters

64 % - 254 Votes

Your on a mission in deep space, and thats to elimate every monster in your way and save your allies! Its a physics cute game but the gameplay is pretty fun! Aim using your MOUSE and fire using your RIGHT CLICK BUTTON! Dont take aim on your allies or you'll lose the level! You are given a variety of weapons here, experiment with them at your own free will, your not exactly limited! For example use the teleportation device to teleport to almost anywhere on the level to avoid or shoot down other enemies! or use your rocket launcher's AOE if you can't reach those who are on the other end of a platform! Lift obsitcles or save your allies by shooting out a ball which will lift anything it touches upwards! Use your grenade launcher to cook an explosive surprise in those places that are tight and very hard to reach! Use momentum sometimes to get the best out of your shots! Good luck space marine!

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