Stack Of Defence

Yo dawg check this out, we got a multi genre Tower Defense, Puzzle, Strategy, Shooter! This game is a MIX of genres! You gotta build yo freaky damn tower using shapes and freaky ass butt faces that shoot dung outta their mouths to defend yo tower, finish building up dat tower before time runs out or you a fool, in general. After that you got yo shooter boy freaky ass butt face shooting some bullets, click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire bullets, homes. Face dem waves and finish off all the attacking robots to clear the level, score big noob! So after you finish each level you get yourself some cash, a nigga gotta spend cash on pimpin up yo trash ride man. Increase yo health, block strength, get turrets, buy bombs, shields, poison and a ton more! This aint easy, you think you can handle dat?

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