Stochastic Game

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Your goal in this challenging flash game is to avoid the falling crates. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. You can climb or descend to crates/tiles only one height level different. Once in a while, a bonus will appear (black beacon). Bonuses give you more points if you take them early. Care though - once taken, a crate will start falling towards the exact location! Everytime you accumulate 5000 points you gain a teleport charge. As the game goes on, the room will be slowly filled with water. Moving underwater requires air. If you're out of air you die. Regain air by getting out of the water. You can teleport if you have enough charges (using SPACEBAR). The teleport moves you to a random, not flooded, spot in the room. Be careful as it might move you to undesired places. Good luck!

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