Survive Popo

Popo has lost all of his coins and the worst part ... he is also under attack! Play as Popo in this fast-paced arcade survival game and help him get all of his coins back while being sarcastic at it. Collect coins while avoiding lasers, bullets, ghosts, and other enemies that simply wants to see you suffer while playing this game. Watch out for your life bar as it will slowly be depleted, but do not worry since every time you get coins your life bar will be replenished as well. Use ARROW KEYS or WASD KEYS to move and jump around. Use the powerups scattered all over to give you bonuses, shields, and many more to help you survive longer. Try to unlock all the achievements and do not forget to upgrade your skills so you can move faster and jump higher than before! How long do you think you can survive? Good luck!

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