Swords and Potions

Ever wondered how it is to manage an Item Shop in a fantasy world? Well, now is your chance to find out! Manage your own Item Shop in this epic and unique game that lets you play not as the RPG main character but the Item Shop owner. Sell items like health potions, mana potions, daggers, shields, swords and many more to adventurers. You will meet different type of heroes like a knight, archer, mage, thief, barbarian, and scouts looking for items in your shop that will help them in saving the world. Hire your workers to create items in your shop and make sure that you have enough supplies for the day. train your workers to create more powerful items and sell them in higher prices. Upgrade your skills everytime you increase a level and make your bargaining and selling skills more effective. Can you handle to be the best merchandiser in town? Heroes need you to save the world so good luck! FOR FIREFOX USERS: Once the game loads, right-click on the game then click THIS FRAME then click RELOAD THIS FRAME. Enjoy!

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