The Felix Jump

Did you see felix live when he was falling off the top of the world? Wanna play a game out of it? well here it is! Play as our brave sky falling star Felix Baumgartner! Experience a similar feel to how he felt when he was falling, only, simplified by 100x but still, its a fun flash game! When you start your fall, try to dodge satellites, rocks, birds and a number of other things heading your way! Collect tiny orbs to get points and some balloons that give even more points and multipliers! Hit an obstacle while falling? get back your glove, helmet or boot or you're high blood pressure will increase to the point where you'll faint! To prevent such cases sometimes you can grab the shield orb to temporarily be invulnerable to everything. Get the energy can to increase the speed of you swishing around and sometimes an extra life! If you do find a magnet get that so the tiny orbs would attract towards you without you having to necessarily move to them! Use your MOUSE to control Felix, Happy falling! and don't forget to open your parachute near the end of the fall!

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