Trap: Volume One

50 % - 123 Votes

This is a uniquely odd game, if your feeling too normal today then this is some good medicine for you to spaz out and dance! Dig dubstep? stop reading and PLAY THIS GAME NOW. Jk, read or you won't know whats going on. Avoid EVERYTHING in this game, except Hearts and Stars, everyone likes Hearts and Stars. Gain stars to increase the amount of points you get, you might miss a couple of them though dont kill yourself they will come back. When ever you get hit by any thing wait for the Hearts to pop up, its not very often though dive in and get them to survive longer! All you gotta use is your MOUSE in this game, hold the LEFT CLICK BUTTON to play the loop and face the music, release it to stop everything...kinda cool isn't it? There are a bunch of dubstep loops here, get ready to have fun!

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