Tribot Fighter

Smash, grab, whack and spam your attacks to blow away your enemies in this Beat em up robotic game! Hit and Run away from your enemies and use combos to deliver more powerful blows! Your a robotic being that has thrown away a powerful gadget he usually relies on that has now transformed itself into a huge tower with 3 divisions, Blue, Yellow and Red and he is now going to face the enemies waiting inside for him head on! Survive levels against many different types of enemies, and depending on the enemy, you'll need to switch between Blue, Yellow and Red to figure out how to damage the enemy, if your on the wrong color then you'll deal absolutely no damage. Pick up orbs that teach you new combos for you to master, there are health orbs for you to collect through out each level so make sure you pick them up if your low on HP. Use the ARROW keys for movement, A to jump, S to kick or put down an object, D to punch, pick up object, or throw it. To switch colors use Q for blue, W for yellow, and E for red. Become the ultimate Tribot Fighter you can be!

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