Ever dreamed of being a matador... but with unicorns? That is right! Play as the matador of unicorns in this bizarre and fun arcade game. There are 6 unicorns that you need to defeat in order to become the best unicorn matador there is or there ever will be. Each unicorn has their own unique characteristics so watch out! Use ARROW KEYS to move around and dodge their attacks. In the stadium, there will be useful powerups to help you defeat those unicorns. Pick up capes and spears to attack the unicorn while it is attacking you. Use your timing perfectly and press SPACEBAR to use either a cape or a spear the moment the unicorn approaches. Once you hit them, they will poop rainbows! Rainbows that you need to collect in order for you to upgrade your skills. Go ahead, be on your way to be the best unicorn matador!

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