Zombogrinder 2

Loved Earn to Die 2? Well we're bringing you another zombie killing car upgrading game to feed that steel meets zombie itch! You'll start off pretty small, barely ramming over any zombies though eventually after every level you complete you'll get some cash and you better spend that cash on upgrades! LOTS of upgrades! Upgrade your car's stats, defense or offense! Under these 3 main categories you'll get sub categories such as upgrading the engine, fuel tank, armor, durability, heavy bumper, circular saws, and more! level up each and everyone of these babies and you'll be able to each the end of the level! yes, the level actually HAS an end! Don't forget that you can pick up coins or fuel on the road! Use your ARROW KEYS to control your car and the UP KEY to accelerate. Also if you ever get your molotov use the SPACE BUTTON to shoot! Good luck on surviving, you'll die a lot of times!

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