Alien Carnage

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Your objective in this crazy shooting game is to kill the evil aliens and finish your important mission. The reconnaissance mission to the space ship "Silver Beyond" has gone ugly. The whole team had been annihilated. As Sgt Connor, you are the only one left surviving to finish the mission. Kill the evil aliens as they try to stop you from reaching your goal. The key to winning this game is to shoot fast. Try to dodge enemy fire and critters that want to eat you. Use your grenades wisely as you have a limited stock. Use ARROW KEYS to move. For double jump press UP ARROW and then DOWN ARROW. Roll by pressing LEFT/RIGHT ARROW + DOWN ARROW. Press SPACEBAR to shoot. Hit "V" KEY to throw a grenade. For Stealth Walk hold SHIFT KEY, and press "C" KEY to Hang from walkway/Hide in doorway. Have fun!

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