Arkandian Explorer

Fall into the land of Arkandia! Unveil its mysteries and harness powerful weapons, items, magic and attributes! Create your character varying from 10 different races, and custom their appearance whither it being their facial hair, beard, hair color, name, skin tone, or giving him or her a name. Increase your skills from combat to personal, both having 11 different attributes to level up. Update your stats and reputations varying from aggression to crafting. Equip your hero with tools, armor, buffs, and weaponry! Hire a squad and head out on team fights, shop for many things, craft and build your own house! In this turn based RPG game use the ARROW KEYS when moving across a map and when in battle use your LEFT MOUSE CLICK to select either heavy, mild or light attacks, eventually getting magic a much more ways to inflict damage upon your enemies. Good luck adventurer!

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