City of the Dead

Your goal in this zombie killing game is to stay alive as last as long as possible. As the levels progress zombies will become stronger, faster and more numerous. On top of this zombies will start coming from more spawn points. You gain more money for killing zombies at the edge of the map, for example you gain +4 for killing zombies at the edge +2 for kill zombies near the edge +1 for killing zombies near your HQ and nothing for killing zombies around your HQ. Use the ARROW KEYS or YOUR MOUSE to move around the map. Press "H" KEY to zoom to HQ. Use SHIFT + 1 or any number to create a squad. Than use 1 or any number to select a squad (the squad must already have been created). Press ESC to de-select a squad. To buy a soldiers, vehicles and other defences click the icons below the mini-map on the right hand side. Be wary of how close you move your marine to the incoming Zombies, if a Zombie touches a marine he has 20 seconds to be healed by a medic before he dies. Good luck!

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