Crazy Graviton

Your mission in this interesting game is destroy as much Nanoparticles as possible and reach the Nanogoal to get to the next level. If you don't get to the goal in time your Nanobot dies and your mission is over. To accomplish your mission you have a Nanobot that you can move through all the environments (levels) of the Crazy Graviton and two Nanopaddles which bounce the Nanobot on hit. Use the ARROW KEYS or "A", "S", "D","W" KEYS move the Nanobot. Use YOUR MOUSE to move the Nanopaddles. Press CTRL or SPACEBAR to bypass Nanogoal, Wormhole and Border Switch. Use 1 KEY to activate Slow-Downer, 2 KEY to activate Anti-Gravity and 3 KEY to activate Plus-Time. Good luck!

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