Dr. Vile: The Greater Good

Dr. Vile is supposed to be the best scientist there is and the sickest in the head as well but the world does not seem to recognize his greatness. Luckily, a meteor is about to hit Earth and it presents a great opportunity for Dr. Vile to prove to everyone that by using his genius mind he can save the world by using a Death Ray to destroy the threat. The problem: the Death Ray needs more parts in order to function properly. Play as this evil genius and collect all the items you need across town by thrashing cars, invading homes, and cutting down trees. Watch out for angry neighbors as they will not be happy seeing you destroying and stealing their stuff. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around town. Use X-KEY to attack with a bat and the C-KEY to fire your freeze gun. To check the number of items that you still need to collect, press SPACEBAR and your assistant will be happy to help you. Save the world now by destroying your neighborhood!

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