Shaman Tactics

Save your furry friends by using your strategy and your shaman magic! Join this little shaman on his quest to save his kidnapped friends in this challenging puzzle strategy game. Use different tactics in every level in order to avoid your enemies and rescue your friends. Plan ahead and place the commands that your shaman will do and check if your strategy will help you finish the level. If the enemies are unavoidable, attack them with your shaman magic and kill them before they kill you. Summon the forces of nature like fire, ice, and lightning to defeat all your enemies. You can even use teleportation to avoid them if really needed. Watch out for your mana pool for you have only limited amount of mana to use in each level. If you want to make your magic more stronger, upgrade them in the menu window and bring more hurt with your wand. Use MOUSECLICK to select and place a command for your shaman. Can you rescue all of your furry friends? Game on!

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