Snow Terror

Do not MESS with Santa! He is a total badass I tell you and I crap you not. Apparently, somebody did not get the memo. Somebody is trying to ruin the holidays by kidnapping the elves of Santa and turning them into his own workers. Now, play as Santa and get back your elves in the meanest and most epic ways possible in this point and click game! Use MOUSECLICK to select certain objects and characters in each scene to help Santa capture the culprit and save the elves. Be careful, each action may not be in your favor so select your actions carefully. Be quick, your enemies are too impatient in getting rid of you. Battle thugs, snowman robots, bottle helicopters, rockets and be prepared for the biggest evil boss of Christmas! Use your environment as your ally and use your wits to outsmart your enemies. Like I told you, do not mess with Santa so avoid dying all the time or he will come and get you next! Try to unlock all the achievements and you will get an xBox for Christmas...maybe.

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