Viva Caligula

Your task in this fighting game is to paint Rome red as you control emperor Caligula on a violent, decadent rampage through the city. Slice and dice your way through your citizenry with 26 different collectable weapons (one for every letter in the alphabet) and gain access to the orgy-where pain and pleasure are brought to new heights. You must collect all 26 weapons to gain access to the orgy room. Smash glowing vases to reveal power-ups and health items. Use the ARROW KEYS to move Caligula around. Use LETTER KEYS to attack (with weapon assigned to that letter). If you have a microphone hooked up to your computer and this function enabled, yelling, screaming or talking in a loud volume into it will fill Caligula's rage meter. When Caligula's rage meter is full you'll enter Rampage Mode. Most enemies can be vanquished in one strike when Rampage is active. Have fun!

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