Vulpin Adventure

Train your own Vulpin to soon become the most powerful creature in the world in this RPG turn based game! Discover the world, customize your Vulpin and defeat enemies by attacking, defending, or using your MP to cast spells! You'll learn spells as you defeat bosses! Search mushrooms or such objects to reveal crystals, weapons, Banapples, or earrings for boosting your stats. Upgrade your character by acquiring AP and spending it on either Health, Strength, Speed, or Defense. When you collect the crystals you can spend them on the shop buying spells, weapons and more! Unlock achievements and secret places where you can change the color of your Vulpin! If your Vulpin isn't doing so great in battle then pet it to make it happy again, the happier the vulpine the more effective it is in battle! Remember to save your game often, you might wanna play this game later!

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