War Droids

Your mission in this cool online game is to use your space gun, and droid building functions to destroy the incoming drogs and then finally destroy their base to clear the planet of their presence! clear 10 planets to complete your mission. Use the money you have to build droids or fire off the space gun. You also have energy, which if reaches zero your mission would have failed. There are 5 types of droid, and 5 possible upgrades available, use each wisely. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS or move YOUR MOUSE to edge of the game screen to scrool the screen. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS or click on the "up", "down" arrows in the game panel at the bottom to rotate your space gun up or down. Use the SPACEBAR, or click on the BIG GREEN BUTTON in the panel at the bottom to fire the gun. Each time you fire the gun gets hotter, until it cannot fire anymore and you have to let it cool down. Good luck!

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